Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ladies who lunch

I like nothing better than going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner or any meal in-between!  I love spending that time with family or friends over yummy food and catching up on everything that's been happening in their lives.

This week I have been spoilt for choice with culinary outings with friends and the hubster, but it was my lunch the other day that had me in the kitchen. I had enjoyed the most delicious spinach salad with lamb it was so tasty - but when I came home and I was still ravenous ... seriously folks I don't understand why eateries can charge you next to nothing for a big bowl of crap, but charge through the roof for the healthier option?

Anyways, I couldn't wait to make myself a much larger serve the next day!!!

Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad with Lemon Dressing
Serves 1-2 (I like a lot of salad ...)

A few big handfuls of baby spinach
Roasted sweet potato or pumpkin - warm or cold
1/4 - 1/2 an avocado
A few sun dried tomatoes sliced
Handful of nuts (walnuts and almonds both work well)
Shaved parmesan cheese 
Shredded chicken / lamb / beef etc - whatever you might have around (optional)
Chia seeds

Lemon Dressing
The juice of one really big lemon - our tree is full of massive lemons at the moment!
Rice Bran Oil couple of tablespoons - depending on how much lemon juice you have
Good shake of preferred seasoning (I used Trocamare Herbs and Vegetables)
Garlic*  I didn't put in, but would probably add a grated clove next time for a bit more bite

Whisk lemon juice and oil together in a bowl and then season to taste.

In a large mixing bowl gently toss all the ingredients together including desired amount of dressing.  Plate up and enjoy.  Even better with company!


  1. I love going out to eat too--any meal will do. That salad looks delish!

  2. That looks Delicious!!!
    I love joining folks for food too. I'll have to try out your salad!

  3. Everytime Jeff and I go out to eat I am taken back by one thing:

    I can get an extra side of FRIES for free BUT if I want an extra side of ROASTED VEGETABLES I have to pay extra. In what Universe does that make sense???

    That salad looks superb!

  4. Yummmm! And I here you Katie! We usually have to even pay extra to have a salad as one of the sides... SO sad.

    1. um...yeah. That would be HEAR you not HERE you. AWESOME! :D

  5. Oh I love food too! And this dish looks delicious. x